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Take a Culinary Adventure Through Italy!
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Come with us on a culinary journey to one of the world’s greatest travel destinations. Whether you’re aspiring to become a gourmet cook or an experienced gourmand, Italy offers whatever your heart—and palate—desires.

Instead of skimming across the surface of Italian culture, you’ll be joining Loretta Paganini herself on a deep and immersive exploration of food, drink, and local hospitality. With luxurious accommodations overlooking the Mediterranean and an intimate touring group, you’ll taste wine from grapes you saw in vineyards, enjoy fish fresh from the sea, and meet some of the most gifted chefs in the world as you explore the riches of the region.

Be a part of our family, and uncover the regional secrets you’d never find in a typical tour. Learn from the best, engage in the newest local culinary trends, and engross yourself in one of the best loved cultures of the world.

Treat yourself to the culinary experience of a lifetime.

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