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Chocolate Peppermint Petit Fours

Chocolate Peppermint Petit Fours 


Chocolate Sponge Cake Ingredients:

2/3 cup all-purpose flour

1/3 cup cocoa powder

¼ tsp. sea salt

6 large eggs, at room temperature

1 Tbsp. Pure vanilla extract

1 cup granulated sugar



1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Line the bottom of two cake round pans with parchment paper.

3. Sift together flour, cocoa powder, and salt twice.

4. In a mixing bowl, cream together eggs, vanilla, and sugar until light and fluffy.

5. Fold in flour mixture in thirds.

6. Pour batter into prepared pans and spread evenly.

7. Bake approximately 25 minutes until center is firm.

8. Let cake cool completely in pans on a wire rack.


Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Ingredients:

6 oz semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

3 Tbsp. unsalted butter

2 Tbsp. Peppermint liquor

1-1/2 tsp. unflavored gelatin

3 large eggs, at room temperature, separated

3 Tbsp. plus ¼ cup granulated sugar

¼ tsp. cream of tartar

½ cup heavy cream, chilled

3 Tbsp warm water



1. In top of a double-boiler, combine chocolate, butter, and liquor and stir until melted and blended.

2. Transfer to a small bowl and set aside.

3. Meanwhile in another small bowl, sprinkle gelatin over 3 tablespoons water and let stand for 5 minutes to soften.

4. In clean double boiler, combine egg yolks, gelatin mixture, and 3 tablespoons sugar and whisk constantly until thick and pale yellow, 6-7 minutes. Remove from heat and whisk into melted chocolate mixture. Set aside and let cool.

5. In a bowl, beat egg whites with an electric mixer on medium-high speed until soft peaks form. Beat in cream of tartar. Gradually add remaining ¼ cup sugar. Increase to high speed and continue beating until peaks are stiff. Stir one-third of beaten egg whites into cooled chocolate mixture. Fold in remaining whites. In a clean bowl. Beat cream on medium-high speed until soft peaks form. Fold cream into chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Ganache Ingredients:

8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

8 oz. heavy cream

2 oz. unsalted butter Instructions:

1. Place chocolate in a large mixing bowl.

 2. Heat heavy cream in a saucepan until almost boiling.

3. Pour hot cream onto chocolate in mixing bowl. Stir with a spatula until all chocolate is completely melted.

4. Add butter and stir to incorporate until melted.


To assemble cake

1. Turn cooled cake out onto cutting board, peel off parchment.

2. Spread the mousse and top with another round of cake.

3. Prepare ganache recipe. Pour ganache over cake. Let cool in refrigerator.

4. Sprinkle crushed peppermint over chilled ganache.
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